Goin' Digital Redux

From yesterday, Babble is officially available to buy in the UK (and, if you haven't got it, go get it!), AND it's also available via Comixology! For the paltry sum of $5.99, you can have Babble on your smartphone/tablet of choice and find out for yourself where all the positive reviews have come from!

As always, click the image to be taken straight to the Comixology page and grab yourself a copy!



Just to re-iterate: print editions of Babble are available in the UK NOW, and then US shops on the 30th of January. You can still [pre-]order from comic shops with the code OCT120971, or you can [pre-]order from these on-line retailers:

Please note: Amazon UK do have stock, but their system hasn't processed it yet, so it's still showing up as "Out Of Stock." The book can be ordered as normal and orders will be filled.

Buy Babble from Amazon UK Buy Babble from Amazon US
Buy from Amazon UK Buy from Amazon US
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