Zarjaz Presents... Judge Dredd: The Right To Arm Bears

This one has been in the works for a short while now, but, since Babble is being delayed until January 2013, we thought we'd get it out there now as a wee Christmas present from us to, well, whoever wants to read it. So, without further ado, we give you Judge Dredd: The Right To Arm Bears - absolutely free!

If you prefer it this way, here are the raw JPEGS (click the images for larger versions):

Alternatively, you can download a PDF or a CBR file of the story for reading on tablets/e-readers or you can get the raw JPEGs below. I've also added a "re-bloggable" version of this to my Tumblr blog and there's a mirror of the the JPEG files over at Bryan's blog.

The Right To Arm Bears was born from our desire to do something else for Zarjaz together and, of course, Bryan's love of a certain polar bear who graced the pages of 2000AD many moons ago. This was a total blast to write, I have to say, made all the more fun by Bryan's enthusiasm and the constant stream of ideas and suggestions coming from his direction (even if he did make me cut the original script down from ten pages to six). Although why we chose to do it as a homage to Dredd of the 80's is something you'll have to ask him...

Big, big thanks to Bolt-01 and Rich Clements for agreeing to let us do this under the Zarjaz banner, and, of course, the editorial guidance. And big, big thanks to Bolt-01 for posting this up in the 2000AD Forums as part of their advent thread.

For anyone who's stumbled across this blog post by accident, you know that Bryan and I have a book coming out in January, right...?

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