Review Round-up

Since Babble is only a week away from release(!), I thought it was probably best to try and get some extra exposure for it, by linking the reviews and interviews we've been doing over the last couple of months in the vain hope someone out there is reading this post and is on the fence about buying the book.

Word has reached us that Babble is being pushed back to a post Christmas release, so expect to see it in the shops in early January 2013.

There are more interviews and reviews to come, and I'll be adding links to the Media & Reviews page over on the Babble site. For now, though, here's a run down of where we've been and what people have been saying...

Comic Book Resources

Interview with Comic Book Resources

We talk about Babble and the insanely long road it took to get it this far over on Comic Book Resources. Read the whole interview.
Comic Bastards

Review by Comic Bastards

" one of those defining comics that make the original graphic novel worth buying and reading." Read the whole review.

Interview with Broken Frontier

We sat down with Broken Frontier and talked about Babble, the UK small press and Elder Gods on mountain bikes... Read the whole interview.

Review by Comics Anonymous

"Coyle & Robson seem to be in perfect sync on their approach to this title..." Read the whole review here.

Geek Syndicate's Elevator Pitch

We took part in Geek Syndicate's Elevator Pitch feature, where we try and convince you to go out and place an order for Babble in the briefest, most succinct way we can... Read the whole feature here.

Review by Irish Comic News

"Babble is...the kind of indie book that is helping comics establish a beachhead in mainstream culture, outside of the dated stereotypes that have boxed in the medium for too long." Read the whole review here.

Interview with The Lottery Party

We sat down with Richard Caldwell from The Lottery Party to talk about Babble, comics, art and activism... Read the interview here.

Interview with Checkpoint

I sat down with Checkpoint Interviews and answered five deceptively simple questions... Read the whole interview here.

Review by Starburst Magazine

"...pick up Babble if you’re looking for something involved and intimate from a new British creative team." The full review of Babble can be found in Starburst #383, available to buy now.

Review by Red Headed Mule

"...the creative team are successful in crafting an unsettling melodrama." Read the whole review here.

"My Life In Comics" in Mass Movement Magazine

We took part in Mass Movement's My Life In Comics feature for the latest issue, and talked about some of our favourite comics of all time. Download Mass Movement #34 - completely free! - here.

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