Babble Available for pre-order NOW!

So, at long last, Babble's got an order code for Previews - which means you can take it along to your nearest comic shop and place a pre-order for our little book, if you'd like to. Of course, the actual book won't be available until December, but using this code will guarantee you can buy a copy when it's released:


I know we've got a struggle on our hands to raise awareness of the book and make sure people know it exists (and then take a chance on buying it, seeing as we're, essentially, unknowns), but every pre-order helps. We're going to be on the PR trail soon, talking about the book and showing some preview pages (although, if you hop over to Broken Frontier, you can see a bunch of preview panels to whet your appetite), but if you can't wait for that, you can head on over to Comic Bastards to see their glowing review (which is actually pretty awesome - largely because they didn't slate it).

For now, though, here's a wee spoiler panel for you*:

Not really.
Babble Available for pre-order NOW! Babble Available for pre-order NOW! Reviewed by Unknown on 6:33 pm Rating: 5
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