"Everything's Gone Green..."

A while back, I was told about the website Green Metropolis, an on-line charity bookshop where every book costs £3.75. One look at it and I found myself craving a whole load of new reading material, but I also saw the opportunity to get rid of some my old books and make sure they went to a good home rather than into a bin. So, I set up an account to do just that.

And then immediately had it hijacked by my mum who had a load of books to get rid of herself.

So, I now have a crap load of books looking for a good home, and Green Metropolis seems like a better way of getting rid of them than eBay. Why? Well, as I said at the top of the post, Green Metropolis is an on-line charity bookshop, so there's that. Every book costs £3.75, with 75p of that going to charity (the £3 comes back to the seller to pay for the postage costs) - well, that's the theory, anyway. Sometimes, the books cost less, and sometimes - depending the size and weight - they can cost more.

And, really, I just hate seeing books thrown out or destroyed. To me, it's just a waste, and not something I've ever been comfortable doing. I know what I have listed there won't be to everyones tastes, but there's bound to be someone out there who'll take what I have or know someone who might be interested, and take some enjoyment out of them.

So, won't you please go and take a look at what I'm selling...?

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