"Ahoy, Ahoy!": Covering Zarjaz

Been sitting on this one for a while, but, now The Quaequam Blog have broken the news, I can finally talk about it. As I've already mentioned, Zarjaz #14 will feature Devlin Waugh: A Night In Casablanca by me and Jaye Franklin (with Bolt-01 on letters), and the guys at The Galaxy's Greatest Fanzine chose ol' Devlin to be the cover star for the issue  - and they only went and got Colin MacNeil to do the art for it!

Looking at that cover, I kind of wish I could write a whole new Devlin Waugh strip to accompany it... Anyway, this is the second cover the lads at Zarjaz have had from Mr MacNeil, the first being for #5 - the first issue under the FutureQuake Publications banner (which you can still buy from the FutureQuake Shop):

I'll post more about the issue - and the Devlin Waugh story - closer to the final release.

"Ahoy, Ahoy!": Covering Zarjaz "Ahoy, Ahoy!": Covering Zarjaz Reviewed by Unknown on 10:02 am Rating: 5
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