Swipe File!

OK, since it's Christmas, it's time to come clean...

These panels are from Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgement On Gotham by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Simon Bisley, with lettering by Todd Klein:

And these panels are from Death To The Future by me, Dunk Nimmo and Bolt-01, from Zarjaz #10:

Yeah, OK, so it was completely shameless, but that first Batman/Judge Dredd is one of my favourite comics of all time - hey, it's a comic starring my two favourite characters, written by two of my favourite writers - and that scene in particular has stuck with me since the day I first read it, so it just felt right to pay homage to it in some way. I have no idea if Dunk or Bolt-01 were aware of the original, but I'm surprised no one noticed -  but then I'm surprised that anyone actually read Death To The Future in the first place. Still, even though it's a "swipe", I don't think it'll be troubling Bleeding Cool any time soon.

Death To The Future blitzed its way through Zarjaz #10 and Dogbreath #23, both of which are, of course, still available to buy now via the FutureQuake Shop or your local Forbidden Planet International stores, priced £3.00 in Earth money.

For all your Zarjaz and Dogbreath news, check out The Quaequam Blog - but remember to set your browsers for maximum Thrill Power!

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