Something Wicked #7 and Zarjaz #13 out NOW!

The latest goodies from the FutureQuake stable are available to buy now - and I've managed to wangle my way into two of them!

First up, The Path by myself and John Cahill (with Deadbolt on letters) is making its presence known in the latest issue of Something Wicked:

When book dealer Lucas Dean is hired to authenticate two of the infamous "Angelic Gospels" and track down the third and final volume, he finds himself thrown headlong into a whole world of trouble...
The Path - and  several other fine stories (you can find the complete contents list here) - is in the pages of Something Wicked #7, which is sporting this rather lovely cover by Adam Bolton (who also opens and closes the issue):

Something Wicked #7 is available now from the FutureQuake Shop, priced £3.50 (plus p&p), along with some back issues, if you're looking for something to chill you through these cold winter nights.

Next up is Zarjaz #13, which features ABC Warriors: Broken Dreams, with art by my partner in crime Bryan Coyle:

Hammerstein. Fearless leader of the legendary ABC Warriors and a war robot that seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. Having blazed his way through the galaxy, fought alongside Nemesis The Warlock and even been to the end of time and back, Hammerstein is, without doubt, at his happiest on the battlefield. But what happens to him between missions? How does he relax in his downtime?
The strip was actually completed during the debacle with The Publisher Who Shall Not Be Named and has been sitting in the Thrill Vaults, just waiting to burst into the pages of Zarjaz - and it should well be the final published piece from us together work before Babble drops.

The strip(and these other Ghafflebette stories) can be found under this rather scrotnig cover by Staz Johnson:

Zarjaz #13 is available from the FutureQuake Shop, priced £3.00 (plus P&P) Earth money. Or, if you want to grab your copy from a bricks and mortar shop, you can get it from your local Forbidden Planet International store and Orbital Comics in London! So go and do yourself a favour and discover why Zarjaz is, indeed, The Galaxy's Greatest Fanzine! And, as always, for all your Zarjaz - and Dogbreath - news, check out The Quaequam Blog - but remember to set your browsers for maximum Thrill Power!

All of the FQP titles will also be available at the Thought Bubble convention, taking place on 19th-20th November in Leeds.
Something Wicked #7 and Zarjaz #13 out NOW! Something Wicked #7 and Zarjaz #13 out NOW! Reviewed by Unknown on 10:33 am Rating: 5
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