The Babble Project: Sgt Mike Battle

Sgt Mike Battle
Sgt Mike Battle © Copyright 2011 Graham Pearce. Art by Graham Pearce

The final entry into The Babble Project is the greatest American hero Sgt Mike Battle!

Created by Graham Pearce, Sgt Mike Battle is the longest-running, most influential and biggest comic book character in American history. He started kicking ass in the name of freedom and democracy when he first appeared in 1916's PATRIOT COMICS MONTHLY ADVENTURE WESTERN SCI-FI CRIME ROMANCE HORROR COMEDY FANTASY #1, and has continued to defend the world from fascism, communism, terrorism and any other ideology that threatens the heroic American people!

Actually, Sgt Mike Battle was created by Graham Pearce in 2000, and has become a staple of the UK small press scene. Known for its playful use of the cliches of the comic book format and its biting satire, the series has gone from strength to strength over the years, and garnered an army of fans and critical acclaim. We're grateful that Graham could take some time out from preparing the next issue to bring Sgt Battle into The Babble Project in his own inimitable style.

You can buy issues of Sgt Mike Battle direct from the website:

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