The Babble Project: The Wolfmen

The Wolfmen
The Wolfmen © Copyright Dave West & Andy Bloor. Art by Andy Bloor

Tearing their way out of the London gangland and into The Babble Project come The Wolfmen!

Created by Dave West and Andy Bloor - two thirds of the Accent UK team - The Wolfmen are an infamous gang of armed robbers known for wearing wolf masks during their heists. But, as their newest recruit, Jack Grey, soon discovers, those aren't masks... Expertly mixing British crime fiction with elements of the supernatural, The Wolfmen graphic novels are books that no comic collection should be without.

Published by Accent UK, there are two Wolfmen books available from Dave and Andy - The Wolfmen and Fall Of The Wolfmen - but plans are afoot for a third and final installment, The Last Of The Wolfmen. The books are available from all good, and disreputable, comic shops, or you can buy them on-line from Forbidden Planet. Accent UK's latest themed anthology, Predators, is available now (Previews order code: STK449777), and features a story by us!

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