The Babble Project: Blue Spear

Blue Spear
BlueSpear © Copyright 2011 Andi Ewington/Com.X. Art by Kevin Levell.

Bursting from the pages of the critically acclaimed Forty-Five comes the mysterious Japanese hero BlueSpear!

Created by Andi Ewington and originally visualised by Callum Alexander Watt, Blue Spear will be the first character from Forty-Five to have his story told in a one-shot - and, perhaps more importantly, the first character to feature in The Babble Project. Art for this image, however, was provided by the incomparable Kevin Levell, a superstar in the making if there ever was one (who we hope will remember us when he reaches the top of the industry). If you're not familiar with Kevin's work, be sure and check out his blog.

Written by Andi Ewington and Eddie Deighton, with stellar art provided by Cosmo White, the Blue Spear one-shot will be available for pre-order soon from our very own publisher, Com.X. Be sure and check out them on Twitter and Facebook to find out more.
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