The Babble Project: Ablyss

Ablyss Ablyss © Copyright 2011 Valia Kapadai. Art by Valia Kapadai

This week, The Babble Project welcomes the neurotic elf herself Ablyss!

Ablyss is the alter ego of Greek artist (and comics making machine) Valia Kapadai - a name you'll be hearing a whole lot more of in 2012. Not only is Valia providing artwork for Seeing Shadows from Scar Comics, she's also got three graphic novels from Markosia lined up (White Knuckle with Cy Dethan, Kindred Spirits with Maggie Lewinowicz, and Snow with Rich MacAuliffe). And if that wasn't enough, she's also contributing short strips to a vast array of upcoming anthologies, including the much publicised Womanthology!

Be sure and check out Valia's Deviant Art page for more of her work.

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