So, as I blogged over here, Com.X are off to San Diego Comic Con and they're taking our first official Babble promos with them. As I believe the the kids say: "Fuck yeah!"

Excited doesn't even begin to cover this for me. I mean, it's another mind blowing step on what has been a completely fucking insane journey for Babble.Officially announcing that we'd been picked up by Com.X at New York Comic Con last year* was fantastic, but actually getting our first official preview material out into the world at SDCC... Man, I can't even think about it without a huge grin breaking out across my face.

As I said over on the other blog, this whole thing is delayed gratification in a way. Our first official promos were meant to be released at the 2010 Bristol International Comic Expo, but, well, nothing actually happened. We - myself and Bryan Coyle - were asked to get stuff ready, but then...nothing. Well, not until the stories started turning up on Bleeding Cool anyway. Not the best way to find out that your publisher was in trouble, admittedly, but I understand why the story was leaked like it was. And, hey, I think it's safe to say that everything worked out OK for us.

All that said, I'm still being realistic about this; there's every chance that no one will pick up one of these promo cards, and I know that there's no guarantee that they'll eventually turn into sales; I know there's a lot of work to do to get the book out there and get people to dig into their wallets to buy a copy, but... Well, I'm just going to bloody well enjoy this for a little bit, before I start thinking about the next step.

If you are at SDCC this year, Com.X are at booth #1035, so you can run up and grab yourself one of those cards, and some badges and copies of their books. If you're not going, though, Com.X have announced they'll be attending Thought Bubble in November, so you could grab one there, if you're so inclined. Or don't if you don't.


* This is actually true, but no one actually picked up on it - which I find kind of funny, seeing as Babble is about communication and we, simply, failed to communicate the fact it had found a new home.

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