Stuff wot I iz sellin'...

Yet another blog post in which I shamelessly plug the the stuff I'm selling on eBay in the vain hope that someone out there is interested.

If I'm being honest, I'm on the verge of throwing all this stuff in the bin, but I'd prefer it went to a good home, take a look and see if there's anything there. 

This time, there's a load of 2000AD progs up for grabs, as well as some old DVDs, and there's more to come over the next few weeks. So, y'know, if there's anything there that grabs you, make sure and grab it.

As ever, there's an icon over on the right side of the screen which will take you directly to the listings, and I'll be updating with fresh stuff next week. So go on and take a look and what I'm getting rid of.
Stuff wot I iz sellin'... Stuff wot I iz sellin'... Reviewed by Unknown on 9:38 am Rating: 5
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