The Round Up

Because I really have nothing else to post up here due to being quite busy for a change, and today being a Bank Holiday, I thought I'd have a quick round-up of what's brewing and where you can actually buy stuff I've written.


It's chugging along quite nicely, actually. The blog is now on a weekly schedule, the Facebook page is up and running, and - famous last words, I know - everything is going quite smoothly. After all the ups and downs with the previous publisher, it's great to be finally heading for the finish line. Will it be worth the wait? Well, you'll have to wait and see...


Still in production hell, unfortunately, and not much more to report on it.

Something Wicked

The Path by me and John Cahill is ready to roll in the next issue of Something Wicked, due in November of this year. Here's a wee taster panel:

Remember, too, that Something Wicked #5 is still available from the FutureQuake Shop priced £3.50 (+ p&p) and features Key To The Kingdom by me and Caroline Parkinson.


Two strips - Best Served Cold and Enough For Good are lined up for upcoming issues of Dogbreath. Still no artists attached yet, though. However, Dogbreath #20, featuring Strontium Dog: Xtras by me and the ridiculously talented Lonny Chant is still available from the FutureQuake Shop priced £3.00 (+ p&p):

And, of course, Dogbreath #23 has the concluding part of Death To The Future by me and Dunk Nimmo, and is still available for the same price:


The much delayed anthology from Accent UK will be dropping later this year, and features Just Like You by me and my partner in crime Bryan Coyle. Here's a little sneaky peak for you:

No word on price or actual release dates yet, though - but it has been accepted by Diamond, which is brilliant news. Keep your eyes peeled for this rather lovely cover:

Zombies 2

Again, out later this year from Accent UK, Zombies 2 is the sequel to the smash Zombies anthology, and will mark my fourth appearance in AUK's themed books. I've teamed up with Valia Kapadai for a piece called Dead Harvest, a very unique little tale of the undead. Here's a preview for you:

Again, no word on official release or price, but will post when I find out. In the meantime, keep your eyes out for this here cover:


Blimey. I seem to have enough material stacked up material for Zarjaz to see me through to 2012, and maybe even beyond. I'm not going into the full list (you can find that here), but issues 10 and 11 are available from FutureQuake Shop now, priced £3.00 (+ p&p) each.

Zarjaz #10 features the first instalment of Death To The Future by me and Dunk Nimmo (as well as Judge Dredd: Xtras from me and Brett Buckle). The Leigh Gallagher cover looks like this:

Zarjaz #11 is The ABC Warriors Special, and is - in my opinion - possibly the best issue of The Galaxy's Greatest Fanzine so far. It features Joe Pineapples: Tin Man by me and Chris Askham, and has a cover by current ABC Warriors artist Clint Langley:

My dalliance with the ABC Warriors isn't over, however, as myself and Bryan Coyle are teaming up once more for ABC Warriors: Broken Dreams, which is due to appear in - I think - Zarjaz #12, due out later this year. Here's a peek:

Remember, you can also grab Zarjaz - and Dogbreath - from your local Forbidden Planet International store and Orbital Comics in London (but not the website yet). Each issue costs £3.00 Earth money (+ p&p if you buy on-line).

And that's pretty much it. There's a lot more going on, some new stuff brewing, but that's all the current and interesting stuff. Well, OK, maybe not that interesting...
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