Death To The Future... Part 2

I was hoping to sit on this one for a bit longer, but Zarjaz editor and ridiculously prolific writer Richmond Clements spilled the beans about it on the latest episode of Everything Comes Back To 2000AD. So...

Yes, as the post title suggests, Death To The Future Part 2 is coming. The script is written, Dunk Nimmo has confirmed he's coming back to provide the art, and, as you can hear in the interview, Rich is stupidly excited about it all (and, hard as it is to believe, I didn't pay him to say any of those things he said about the script). So, what else can I tell you about it...

How about the breakdown?
Following the events of Death To The Future, Judge Dredd has failed to return to Mega City 1.

With Justice Department pre-cogs predicting a disaster the likes of which the city has never before faced, Psi Judge Anderson takes it upon herself to track down the mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha, and the two of them set off on a journey through time to find the missing Dredd.

But when they find him, will they still have a home to bring him back to?
The story is longer this time (going up to 12 pages for each episode) and darker in tone. It's looking like it'll only be in Zarjaz this time, rather than splitting it across Zarjaz and Dogbreath, but - and this is the bad news, I'm afraid - it's currently scheduled for 2012... Given the volume of material that the guys have lined up for Zarjaz, it's literally the only time it can fit in anywhere, unless something happens and it gets moved up or pushed back.

What I can say for sure, though, is that nothing like Death To The Future Part 2 has ever been done in the pages of the Galaxy's Greatest Fanzine. Hyperbolic? Maybe, but it's also true...

Remember, Zarjaz #10 and Dogbreath #23 - which contain Death To The Future - are available from the FutureQuake Shop now, priced £3.00 (+ p&p) each.

Zarjaz #10 features the first instalment by me and Dunk Nimmo (as well as Judge Dredd: Xtras from me and Brett Buckle), and the Leigh Gallagher cover looks like this:

Dogbreath #23 has the concluding part and has a cover that looks like this:

And, since I'm at it, I may as well throw in a quick and shameless plug for Zarjaz #11, The ABC Warriors Special, which features strips by me and Dunk. I team up with Chris Askham for Joe Pineapples: Tin Man while Dunk tackles Blackblood with Eric Moore - all of which are under this rather lovely Clint Langley cover:

Zarjaz #11 is also £3.00 (+ p&p) Earth Money, available from the aforementioned FutureQuake Shop. Remember, you can also grab Zarjaz - and Dogbreath - from your local Forbidden Planet International store and Orbital Comics in London (but not the website yet).

In the meantime, though, me and Dunk will be back in The Big Meg with a Judge Anderson story, I, Death, due to appear in an upcoming issue of Zarjaz.

I'll be posting more on Death To The Future Part 2 when I can.
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