The Creator-Owned Comics Blog

After Chris Smits' appeal, he and Patrick Brower have set up the Creator Owned Comics Blog, a place designed to highlight the creator owned comics hitting the shelves of your local comic shop each and every Wednesday.

This is, I think, an utterly fantastic idea, and, with the current calls from various comic pros to support and push creator owned comics, I think this could well be one of the most vital and important comic related websites out there. Even if it just turns one person on to a creator owned book, it's achieved something worthwhile, but I genuinely hope this blog will turn whole audiences on to creator owned series, and help them discover some real treasures they may well be missing out on.

If you're not already following it, or haven't subscribed to the RSS feed or even bookmarked it, go and do it now!
The Creator-Owned Comics Blog The Creator-Owned Comics Blog Reviewed by Unknown on 1:56 pm Rating: 5
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