Accent UK's Predators delayed until 2011

Can't believe that I haven't blogged about this already, but... It looks like Accent UK's next anthology, Predators, is having to be pushed back until 2011 due to simple storage problems (all boxed up, those books take up a fair amount of space).

Personally speaking, I'm a bit gutted by the decision, mainly because I think my contribution to it is one of the best things I've done for AUK so far - not to mention it ha some of the best art that I've seen Bryan Coyle do to date, too. In fact, for anyone who hasn't seen this already, here's a wee preview (click to read a larger version):

The strip, Just Like You, was the last piece Bryan and I did together before we commenced work on Babble, and sees us not only nail an Accent UK related hat trick, but also hit a creative stride that we've carried into Babble and our upcoming collaboration for Zarjaz, Broken Dreams, both of which you'll [hopefully] be able to see in 2011, and make your own judgement.

So, does that mean our relationship with Accent UK is at an end now? Not by a long shot...
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