New Month, New Start

So, this is November, then.

After a tumultuous few months both personally and what I laughingly refer to as "professionally", it looks like the dust has finally settled, and I'm looking down the barrel of a whole new beginning. And that all starts today.

From a personal point of view, a lot's happened recently that's left me wondering about life and what the fuck it's all about. I've had to face up to some harsh realities, and it's changed me on a personal level, but for the better. Or I hope, at least. Time will tell on that front, I suppose.

As for the writery stuff... Since Insomnia Publications fell apart, things have been strange, but in a good way. I've managed to finish Chosen for Accent UK (more on who's going to be the artist later), land several scripts with Zarjaz - including the ridiculously fun to work on Death To The Future, and the chance to do something with the ABC Warriors - and got to work with a whole bunch of insanely talented artists. I'm working on something with Valia Kapadai, I've finally managed to do something with The Mighty Kev Levell (which is actually his full name, you know), and there's a another project with my friend and long time collaborator Bryan Coyle on the back-burner. I've also succumbed to the lure of copywriting for a friend (I've resisted getting into this for a long time, but I had to cave eventually I suppose). And then, of course, there's Babble, and the recent move to Com.X. It genuinely feels like a new beginning for me.

So, as the first step in this new start, I've resolved to put the whole Insomnia debacle behind me.

This post is the final word I'll say on the subject. For PR purposes with Babble, I'm sure it'll come up and that's fine; I'll talk about it in relation to that. But from a personal point of view, I'm washing my hands of the whole thing. For me, it's over and done with, and, frankly, I've come out of it far better off than I ever thought I would - I mean, let's be honest here: Com.X are everything Insomnia weren't.

As I said, the experience underlined several things I've always known about the comic industry, especially at that level, and not all of it was pretty. I have very strong views on everything around the situation, but it won't do anyone any good to air them in public. So, I'm turning my back on everything to do with Insomnia Publications - except for the friends and contacts I've made through it, of course - and looking forward to whatever's coming along the road next.

There's a big world out there, ready and waiting for me to come and meet it.

Let's see what happens...
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