There be Zombies...!

OK, so the secret is now officially out: following the huge success of Accent UK's anthology Zombies, they've decided to do a follow up, called, oddly enough, Zombies 2. Oh, and I'm in it.

Zombies 2 cover by Gary Brown, with design work by Andy Bloor.

The story, called Dead Harvest, will be the first of two collaborations I'm doing with the enormously talented Valia Kapadai for Accent UK (the second will be seen in their Victoriana anthology, due in 2011), and features the return of one of my favourite characters that I've co-created - one who made his debut in another Accent UK anthology. Needless to say, Dead Harvest won't be your typical zombie story...

Zombies 2 (or 2ombies, to give it's proper title) is due for release in 2011. I'll post more about it and my contribution when I can.
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