RIP John Hicklenton

This morning, I heard about the passing of artist John Hicklenton after a long struggle with Multiple Sclerosis.

If there's one person I'd credit with getting me into 2000AD, it would be Hicklenton. I remember reading a copy when I was a kid, and seeing this image:

I remember being equal parts fascinated and freaked out by that when I first read it. The idea of this weird demon with a guitar stuck with me for years, until I tracked down Nemesis The Warlock: Deathbringer, and I could read the whole story and bask in Hicklenton's wonderful artwork.That book turned me into a lifelong fan, and it's sad to think of a world where he won't be producing more art.

My condolences to his family and friends.

You can find out more about Hicklenton's struggle with MS via his short film Here's Johnny, which can be found at
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