The state of play...

It's been a funny few weeks for me, it has to be said.

Apart from increasingly erratic sleep patterns, I've had some weird and wonderful opportunities dropped into my lap that took me totally by surprise, and, somehow, I've actually managed to get my next full length project after Babble lined up.

The only problem is, I can't actually talk about any of it... Which is going to make this blog post pretty redundant, really. So... As Christmas comes limping along for another year, I thought I'd post something about where you can find my inane scribblings...


At the moment, I've got two scripts sitting with FutureQuake, ready for publication once an artist is on board and they can find a slot in an issue. If you're so inclined, you can go and check out my past FQ efforts on the FutureQuake website (I was in #7, 8 and 9, in case you were wondering).

Something Wicked

Myself and Caroline Parkinson have a piece called Key To The Kingdom doing the rounds in the latest issue of the FQ Press horror anthology Something Wicked

Something Wicked #5 is 48 pages of tales designed to chill you to the bone, all for the meagre price of £3.50 - and it has a cover (pictured) by the ridiculously talented Vicky Stonebridge!

Again, you can check out some of past Something Wicked published pieces on the FutureQuake website (I was in #2 and appeared twice in #4).


As I've already mentioned, Zarjaz are doing a special ABC Warriors issue, due for release in 2011, and I've managed to blag my way into it with a strip called Tin Man. Chris Askham is on-board for the artwork, and I'm assured by Zarjaz editor Bolt-01 that they've got something really cool lined up for the issue. He wouldn't tell me what, though, so if you want to know, go and bug him.

Also, I've got a piece in an upcoming issue of Zarjaz with Brett Buckle. No idea when that's set to appear, though, or what the progress is like.


Also still available from FQ Press is Dogbreath #20, which features a strip from myself and Lonny Chant.

You can buy all of the above mentioned anthologies - and get all the latest news, updates and previews - from the main FutureQuake website or the FutureQuake Press blog.

Accent UK

Due out in 2010 from Accent UK will be their latest anthology, Predators. As ever, the quality remains ridiculously high with some of the finest yet-to-be-discovered talents and indie creators in the comics world. And me.

I've teamed up with Bryan Coyle again for a strip called Just Like You, a wee preview of which is right here under these here words:

Unfortunately, it's looking like Predators will be delayed until around the middle of next year. For the time being, though, here's the cover so you know what to look for:

Also, I've somehow managed to blag my way into Accent UK's 2011 anthology Victoriana, too, with a blood curdling tale of horror. The script's written and in, and I'm still trying to get my first choice of artist on board. For now, though, here's the cover for that, too:

I've also managed to secure a place in Accent UK's special anthology due out sometime between Predators and Victoriana, but I can't say anything more about that yet, other than it features the return of one of my favourite characters that I've co-created. If I have my way, you'll see more of him in the future, too.

Rememebr, Accent UK's Robots and Western are still available to buy. Details can be seen over on the right of your screen.


Over at t Insomnia Publications blog, The Red Eye, a selection box of images from their various projects in production is up and ready to view - including the latest promo piece for Babble:

If you're wondering who the girl in the image is, go and check out her Secret Origin.

I'm pleased to announce, too, that the first chapter is almost in the bag and the preview should be up early in the new year. I'm roughly halfway through the scripting stage now, so everything's on course.

Remember, if you want to check out the progress and maybe see some behind the scenes malarky, be sure and check out the website:

And Next...?

Well, that's where things get awkward... Like I said at the top of this post, I've got my next full length project after Babble lined up, but I can't say anything about it yet. What I can say is that it's something a bit different for me and it's proving to be a good challenge to write, and a great way to push my storytelling skills. I've got around a quarter of the script written and I've had some positive reactions on that wee chunk. Hopefully, I can spill the beans early in the new year.

I'm also working on a pitch for a new project, too, and I've got another one brewing, but that's all I can say about those. There's a good chance neither of them may be picked up, so I'm not going to say anything more at this stage. Needless to say, if it comes together, this blog will be full of me whooping and cheering.

And after that? Well, who knows...
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