I had big, grandiose plans about writing my own personal manifesto for 2010 on here, but then two things occurred to me:
  1. Those types of things don't usually come together in the way they should, usually due to forces outside of your control, and
  2. No one would really give a shit except me. And even then, I'd probably groan at myself and disown the entry for being so pretentious.
So, I thought maybe I'd stick with the old chestnut of New Year's Resolutions and see where that leads. I did OK with them last year, as it goes - the first time in years I actually made any - and they didn't wear off with the New Year's Day Hangover, which surprised me, so I think it's time to make them again. I already know what they're going to be (I'm writing this post at the tail end of December 2009, ready to schedule), because I'm going to stick with the same ones as last year:

  • Be more disciplined - I've realised that over the last few months - especially the run up to Christmas - I've been all over the place, procrastinating like a motherfucker and making to-do lists that seem to get longer and longer. I've come up with new and amazing ways to, basically, not write.
  • Be more honest - by this I mean be more honest with myself. I tried it last year and it worked wonders for me. Yes, it took me down some dark and uncomfortable paths, but it made me wake up to things and look at the world differently; I managed to sort through some emotional baggage, deal with some hang ups and generally sort little bits of myself out. And, perhaps more importantly, it helped me become more focused on what I want out of life.
2010 is going to be a make or break year for me. I've worked hard over 2009 to get where I want to be, and it's finally starting to pay off. I just need to keep it going and hopefully take the next step. Of course, it could all go tits up before the end of January (and knowing my luck, it probably will), but maybe - just maybe - it might all work out fine...
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