"Why is there a fat Hitler on my TV?"

So, apparently there was some Nazi on TV last night...

I'll admit right now that I didn't watch all of Nick Griffin on last night's Question Time for various reasons - the main one being that I was too busy watching Curb Your Enthusiasm (ask anyone that knows me, and they'll tell you that Larry David is my comedy god), but also because I could pretty much guess what was going to be said. The BNP have one policy and viewpoint, and all Griffin will ever do is spout endless variations of it.

Let me state here that I actually agree with the BBC letting Griffin appear on Question Time. Why? Well...
  • The BBC were abiding by their own rules for the show. Yes, they could've cancelled his appearance, but they stuck by their policy of impartiality when it comes to political parties. And besides, cancelling him would've made him look more like the underdog he wants to be seen as, rather than the idiot he is.
  • Freedom of speech. Yes, it's a horrible cliched phrase that's been bandied about all week, but it comes down to this: if we're living in a truly democratic society, then we need to allow people the freedom to express their views, no matter how abhorrent they may be. Freedom of speech is not just allowing people to express views that the majority agree with.
  • By allowing Griffin on Question Time, the BBC has done what should've been done a long time ago: they've shined a bright light on the BNP and exposed them for what they actually are: a fucking joke.
For a while now, the BNP has been demonised by the media - and rightly so - but they've only been portrayed as racists that we can all be horrified by and not want to live next to; they're essentially the political version of paedophiles.

Because we've been spoon fed this image of the BNP by the media, the UK seemed to believe that just by being on TV, they're going to infect us all and turn is all into racist fucks like them, whereas anyone with half a brain could see that was
never going to be the case. The media - and some politicians and activists - seem to forget that we, as human beings, can think for ourselves and make our own decisions when presented with information.

OK, so a million people voted for the BNP. Out of a population of what? 60+ million? Not all of those million will be hard core BNP supporters. In fact, it's probably a safe bet that most of those votes were simply protest votes at the current state of affairs with politics in the UK.

Griffin's now an MEP off the back of it (although I assume the fact that he's now an immigrant worker is completely lost on him), but what good is that for the party? I mean, really? Is he working to presere his view of Britain over there in Brussels or is he just enjoying the holiday? Come to that, what
are the BNP's policies on Europe? Doesn't having MEP's go against what they apparently stand for?

See? The BNP are a fucking joke at best, and allowing Griffin on Question Time simply proved the point. He was sweaty, shifty and didn't look particularly comfortable when confronted with quotes from his past; his arguments were, at best, weak and badly thought through, his views were simplistic and his single party policy seems to revolve around some clearly imagined era of time during World War 2, when the whites of the country banded together, Winston Churchill was some kind of god that we all worshipped and England won the World Cup.

Really, someone in the audience - or even on the panel - should've humiliated him even more by asking him some serious questions, like "What's your party's policy on education? The health service? What will your party do about the rising unemployment? How will the BNP manoeuvre the country out of this recession? Would you be prepared to push ahead with the controversial ID card plan? What plans do you have to stimulate the economy?" Ask him those kind of questions and let's see him squirm even more. Why?

Because the BNP are a fucking joke with no place in the political landscape of the UK.

And fair play to the BBC for showing them to be what they are.

Since I started writing this post, it's emerged that Griffin is now lodging a formal complaint with the BBC over his appearance on Question Time, claiming he faced a lynch mob (yes, I'll let the fact that a massive racist was on about lynch mob's sink in...).

Hands up if you didn't see that coming...

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