Something Wicked #5 is out NOW!

The latest issue of FQ Publications Something Wicked is available to buy now!

Featuring a piece called Key To The Kingdom, by me and the incredible Caroline Parkinson, Something Wicked #5 brings you 48 pages of tales designed to assault the senses - all for a mere £3.50! See the outcome of a science experiment years in the making, tremble at the truth behind a beautiful smile and quake upon hearing those three little words...

To whet your appetite for it, here's a wee sneak preview of Key To The Kingdom...

Also available to buy is FutureQuake #14, the latest issue of arguably the finest small press anthology around! For a mere £3.50, you can discover one of the many worlds where Man Vs Machine is an everyday reality, see the dawn of time through the eyes of one who was there and witness the ultimate in home shopping!

Remember, too, that Something Wicked #4 is still available, and features two strips by me: The Kindness of Strangers, with art by Vicky Stonebridge and Arcadia, with art by Paul Williams.

Please note: Due to the current problems with the main FQP website, they're currently unable to open the shop for you to buy these titles. However, you can now go and order copies directly from the FutureQuake Press Blog!

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