Insomnia is heading to BICS

OK, time to enter corporate shill mode here...

Insomnia Publications will be at BICS this year, and they'll be launching Burke and Hare (the first of their new Vigil imprint books) by Martin Conaghan and Will Pickering, Buskers (con special edition with a VCD) by Jeymes Samuel, Sean Michael Wilson and Michiru Morikawa (who has a panel and talk at the show) and MILK by Stref (limited ed hardback will be available at the con). You can, of course, see some previews of these books at the Insomnia website.

As usual they'll be doing special offers on the books as follows:
  • 3 for £20 on all standard edition books
  • Any special ed + one standard ed for £20
and the following special con prices

Standard Editions:
  • Burke and Hare (RRP £12.99) Con Price £10
  • Cancertown (RRP 14.99) Con Price £10
  • Cages (RRP 10.99) Con Price £8
  • Layer Zero Choices (RRP £9.99) Con Price £7
Special Editions:
  • Buskers (RRP £14.99) Con Price £12
  • MILK (RRP £19.99) Con Price £15
People will be able to reserve these to pick up on the day, or order direct from Insomnia by 3rd of October, if they can't make the con

God, I need a shower after that...
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