So, anyone who does actually read this blog (and I can't imagine there'd be many) will have noticed the new banner and domain name.

What's it all about? Well, it's simply a case of that I wasn't happy with the Dream Nation name for this blog. It didn't feel like it fit any more, so, rather than start a new blog from scratch (which, given some of the dodgy early entries probably would be the better option...), I decided to attach a domain name to it. Things have been really building for me, too, lately, so it seemed like a good time to get this all sorted out. Simple. Oh, and I updated my Twitter background, too. Yeah, I'm a pretentious git. Sue me.

You may notice a new addition to the Current Projects section over on the right there, too. It's the cover to Accent UK's PREDATORS, which is due to appear next year, and features a strip called Just Like You, written by myself and drawn by Bryan Coyle. More on that as the publication date draws nearer. Also, something quite big later this week.
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