Yeah, OK, so that's a crap title for a blog entry about the book, but this is just a reminder that Accent UK's 2009 anthology, WESTERN, is available to order via Previews (order code: JUN090671)!

Featuring a plethora of new and established talent, Western is 192 pages of pure Cowboy action, featuring stories from Kieron Gillen, John Reppion & Leah Moore, Andy Bloor, Dwight MacPherson, Kirk Manley and Steve Bissette. And me and Bryan Coyle doing a piece called A Fistful Of Steam Valves, a Steampunk Spaghetti Western. You can see a complete list of contributors, and some preview pages from the book, at the Accent UK website.

The book costs £7.99 ($11.99), but is worth every penny.

With the changes to Diamond's order threshold, it's important that word gets out about the book, and that people don't miss out on what is an utterly fantastic read. So, if you're outside of the UK, get your local comic shop to order you a copy. You can find it listed on Page 180 of June's Previews.

In fact, here's a handy little reminder from Accent UK themselves:

Now there's no excuse for you not to go and buy yourself a copy!

And if you want more incentive, click these here links for a sneak preview of A Fistful Of Steam Valves.
And here's the first page of the strip:

Actually, that may put you off... Ah, well. As with most anthologies, there's bound to be something in there you like.

And remember, if the Wild West ain't your thing, Accent UK's 2008 anthology, ROBOTS, is also still available (order code: MAR083379). Featuring many of the same contributors as western, Robots is 204 pages of mechanical goodness,
priced £8.50 / $15.99. And it also features a piece called Loose Ends from me and Bryan Coyle. Which I had to get in somewhere...

You can see the Newsarama review of Robots here.

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