The Greatest Moments of Optimus Prime - Part 3

Yeah, I'm fresh out of content again, so it's time for another look at Prime and what makes him so cool...

When IDW got the rights to produce Transformers comics, I was overjoyed to learn that Simon Furman would be writing the series. After an intriguing start with
Infiltration, he kicked everything into a higher gear with the second mini-series, Stormbringer, four issues of giant robot action, without a human in sight.

A secret faction of Decepticons dedicate themselves to resurrecting Thunderwing, a Transformer that tore its way through Cybertron, massacring thousands and forcing both Autobot and Decepticon to put aside their differences and fight together before it decimates the entire planet. When Thunderwing is unleashed again, a plan is hatched to stop him by overloading him - a task which falls to the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime - who does it single handedly!

Unfortunately, what could've been a truly classic moment is let down by some confusing artwork. Still, the intention's there.

The one thing that becomes apparent during all of the best Optimus Prime moments is how completely fucking useless the rest of the Autobots are without him...

On a side note, Stormbringer also made me geek out massively when I saw this panel:

But that, as they say, is another blog post...

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