FutureQuake #9 Sells Out!

News from the FutureQuake Press Blog is that FutureQuake #9 has sold out! The issue featured the strip Mindfields, written by yours truly, and it also represents three things for me:
  • My first collaboration with Bryan Coyle (we teamed up again for Robots and the upcoming Western, both from Accent UK)
  • This features the second cover to be based on a strip I'd written
  • My third appearance in FutureQuake (but, God willing, not my last!)
The strip is now available to read over at my ComicSpace page. Admittedly, it's not the best thing I've ever written, but it - like all of the strips I've been fortunate enough to have published - was a valuable learning experience, that I hope has helped me to become a better writer.

The entire issue will be available to read on the FQ Strip Viewer over the summer.

And speaking of the FQ Strip Viewer, the complete FutureQuake #7 is now available to read there - which includes the strip Box by myself and Lonny Chant, which, incidentally, is my first ever published strip.
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