Something Wicked #4 - OUT NOW!!

Horror anthology Something Wicked #4 from FutureQuake Press is available to buy now! And I'm in it!

Once again, a wealth of new and upcoming talent bring you shocks and scares from the darkest regions of their fevered imaginations, all locked away under a cover from Gibson Quarter and Mini-Bolt.

The issue also features not one but two strips written by Yours Truly! Firstly, with Paul Williams on art, there's probably the most original zombie story you'll ever read, Arcadia...

Then, with Vicky Stonebridge, there's an homage to I Am Legend, The Kindness Of Strangers...

Of course Something Wicked 4 arrives on a week when I've been banging on about how much I'm not interested in writing zombie stories...

I should also take this opportunity to thanks to Editor Droid Bolt-01 for getting me to change the ending of The Kindness Of Strangers to make it something less clich├ęd and a bit more of a shock. So, cheers, Dave, if you're reading this.

Also, to keep to up to date with all things FQ related, check out the FutureQuake Press Blog at:!

Something Wicked #4, and FutureQuake #11, are available to buy now from the FQ Shop - get them before they get you!

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