ROBOTS Now Available For Pre-Order!

I'm really fucking stoked about this: the brand spanking new anthology from Accent UK, ROBOTS, is now available for pre-order through the March issue of Previews! And I'm in it!

As well as featuring a strip from myself and the impossibly talented Bryan Coyle (which you can see a preview of it here - although it's not called Homemade Hero!), it also features contributions from Frazer Irving, Leah Moore, John Reppion Kieron Gillen and Mark Buckingham, and dozens more emerging writers and artists from across the globe! How fucking cool is that?!

The follow up to last year’s smash ZOMBIES anthology (also available for re-order - order code SEP073279), the book is available to order now through your local comic shop or online retailer, from Diamond Distributor’s March issue of Previews for £8.50 / $15.99, and is due to ship in May 2008! The order code is: MAR083379.

For some more Roboty goodness, go and check out my some time collaborator and all round talented bloke Lonny Chant's contribution to the anthology here.

The follow up to ROBOTS, due for release at the end of 2008, is an anthology titled WESTERN, which I'm also contributing to. The script is 99.9% finished, and the search for an artist is about to begin...

ROBOTS Now Available For Pre-Order! ROBOTS Now Available For Pre-Order! Reviewed by Unknown on 12:03 pm Rating: 5
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