Ian Cairns on ComicSpace

Ian Cairns was a good friend, and one of the most talented artists I've ever had the good fortune to know.

He had a great passion of the medium of comic books, and his understanding of sequential art was simply incomparable. He took the elements of Alex Toth, Jack Kirby and dozens of others and applied them to his own work, but still managed to keep it unique and distinctly his. I think I learned more about creating comics from just talking to him in a greasy spoon than I ever have from studying the work of professionals.

Unfortunately, Ian passed away suddenly earlier this year.

A group of his friends have put up a page for Ian on ComicSpace as a way to showcase his work, and make people aware of his work. He left lots of sketchbooks and unfinished work, some of which will be put into the galleries on his ComicSpace page.

If you have a ComicSpace page, please take the time out to look at the work on display, and maybe even add Ian as a friend.

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