Since when did inanity become the norm?

I mean, seriously, someone tell me, because I mustve missed that meeting.

There was a time when Angry Young Men were all around, singing, writing, shouting about how angry they were with The System, the government and the world in general. Times were interesting, music was great, and people generally had something to say even if they didnt, they still said something anyway. Of course you always had the inane side of things there to keep the balance, but that was always where it shouldve been: hidden away, while all the interesting stuff took centre stage.

Somewhere along the line, though, the inanity began to creep its way forward, and became the mainstream. The most surprising thing is, though, no one seemed to notice. Before long, The Spice Girls were the biggest thing on the planet, people were hailing Gary Barlow as a great songwriter, Michael Barrymore was allegedly talented, and so on and so on.

The problem was, we were just told that this is cool, that this is acceptable, and we werent allowed to question it. We could never stop and say things like Isnt Robbie Williams actually shit? We still cant. When was the last time you heard someone say that Kurt Cobain was nothing more than a whinging, middle class white boy, and the best thing he ever did was pull the trigger?

Never, because weve blindly accepted what weve been told. We cant think for ourselves anymore. Were slaves to marketing men and style gurus who tell us what to wear and what to watch, and which colour iPod to have while were doing so.

Even what Ive just said sounds like an opinion thats been force fed onto me by supposed non-conformists. It sounds like Im saying it because its cool to say.

But Im not. Im not trying to be cool, Im trying to make a point.

Try this: Big Brother became and still is - the epitome of inanity. Take a bunch of idiots, so devoid of personality, they may as well be outlines with the name of the stereotype they represent written on them. Put them all in a house for a couple of months and televise it. Does no one realise how asinine the entire concept of that is?

Judging by the success of it, apparently not.

It was so successful, they even did celebrity versions of it. The first couple, there was no problem with: it was all for charity, after all. The last one, though, didnt have a mention of any such thing. It was all about celebrities who barely even reached the status of z list, desperate for a revival to their careers.

And yet, we, as an inane loving populous, lapped it up and watched it all with bated breath.

Where am I going with all this? Well, this is mainly for people who know me, and know how angry and wound up I can get. Its because Im tired of the inanity that surrounds us all, and our blind fucking acceptance of it. Im sick of the monthly diet fads, the home makeover shows, the constant stream of talent show winners in the charts, the constant flashing of iPods, the wannabe punks, the emo-kids and the skaters who wouldnt know an emotion unless they see a Cobain-wannabe singing about it on MTV. Im tired of being told what to think and feel by the tabloids on any given subject, and the constant stream of clones on the TV.

Im tired of it all.

So please, pretty please, let me be a little bit fucking angry at the inanity thats all around us, and how we all seem to accept it.

Can you do that for me? Please?
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