I've had to listen to Recepto Girl going on about her phone, and how she wants a new one for a couple of days now. In her blog, she makes the claim that her entire life was in her old, now defunct phone, and that made me think: is your entire life in your phone?

Your phone's nothing more than a lump of plastic and electronics, but everyone you know is in there, reduced to nothing more than numbers. Think about that: everyone you know is a number.

Now, take a look at all those numbers. Let's suppose you erase all the numbers that people have foisted onto you in the pub. Now, let's pretend that you remove all of your work related numbers from there, then your friends. That'll leave you with your family. Now, let's get rid of them.

What're you left with? Your own number.

Take a look at that. That's you. Those eleven digits define who you are in the current world of portable communication. Your entire life, your personality, everything that makes you you can be reduced to one eleven digit string of numbers.

That's a horribly depressing thought.

But what's even more depressing is that Recepto Girl's right: her entire life was in her phone.

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