The Zarjaz Dailies

Inspired by the classic Daily Dredds that ran in The Daily Star, these strips were produced exclusively for the Zarjaz Blog, and are collected here.
Due to FutureQuake closing its doors, not all of these strips are still available, but I've endeavoured to preserve as many as I can.
Click the images to read the strips.

Judge Dredd: The Hunting Game
Art/Letters: Bolt-01 

As Judges are murdered across Mega City One, Judge Dredd steps in to investigate, but soon finds himself in the crosshairs...

Judge Dredd: The Daily Dredd's 
Art: Bryan Coyle / Jim Lavery / Paul Williams / Bolt-01
Letters: Bolt-01 

An occasional series of mini-cases featuring Mega City One's top Lawman...

Judge Dredd: Santy Claws Is Comin' Ta Town 
Art / Letters: Bolt-01 

As Christmas comes to the mutant townships, Judge Dredd finds himself having to dispense some of his trademark festive cheer...

Judge Dredd: When I Say JIMP 
Art: Bryan Coyle
Letters: Bolt-01 

When an organised group of JIMPs begin to make their presence felt in Mega City 1, it's up to Dredd to teach them no one is above The Law...

Judge Dredd: At The Polls 
Art: Bryan Coyle
Letters: Bolt-01 

With the Mega-City 1 mayoral campaign in full swing, incumbent Call-Me-Dave finds himself at the centre of an assassination attempt...

Rogue Trooper: Infested 
Art: Paul Moore
Letters: Bolt-01 

Captured by renegade Norts looking for a way off Nu-Earth, Rogue is forced to investigate the wreckage of an alien ship...

Judge Dredd: Season Finale 
Art: Paul Williams
Letters: Bolt-01 

When a series of murders begins to plague the set of the hit vid-show Justice 5, Judge Dredd is called in to investigate...

Judge Dredd: Voice  Of Authority
Art: Scott Twells
Letters: Bolt-01 

When a group of bank robbers are arrested and claim to have no recollection of even committing the crime, Judge Dredd is left with a mystery on his hands...

Anderson, Psi Division: Clear & Present Danger
Art: Dunk Nimmo
Letters: Bolt-01 

It's Christmas in Mega City 1! But someone is delivering deadly presents to random citizens and it's up to Psi Division's best Judge to get to the bottom of it...

Judge Dredd: Frostee The Snow-bot
Art/Letters: Bolt-01 

Crime never stops in Mega City 1 - not even for Christmas! So when a robot snowman begins robbing citizens, it's down to Dredd to find out the reason why...

Strontium Dog: Old Laing Zyne
Art: Scott Twells
Letters: Bolt-01 

Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha travels back to New Years Eve 2016 for a very special job...

Strontium Dog: Fight Night
Art: Robo-Monkey147
Letters: Bolt-01 

Attempting to bring in a prize fighter turned crime lord, Johnny Alpha finds himself thrown into some of the most brutal cage matches in the galaxy...

Judge Dredd: Mean Men
Art /Letters: Bolt-01

When Mean Angel is brought in to one of Mega City One's largest advertising firms to motivate the board members, Judge Dredd finds himself on the case...

Anderson, Psi Division: Bring Me A Dream
Art: Chris Askham 
Letters: Bolt-01

Strange goings on in Michael Rennie Block bring Psi Division's top operative to the scene - only to find herself asleep on the job...

Judge Dredd: Silent Night
Art/Letters: Bolt-01

It's Christmas time in Mega City One, but that doesn't mean crime has stopped...

Judge Dredd: The Fabulous Bok Brothers
Art: Ciaran Duke
Letters: Bolt-01

Even at Christmas, the juves of Mega City One are looking for trouble...
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