Introducing WYSIWYG Books!

So, yeah, true story: every year for the last few years, my mum's been involved with some fundraising for local charities and, every year, she gets a shed load of books to sell. And, every year, without fail, she ends up with a huge pile of unread and unsold paperbacks sitting around that no one wants.

So, rather than hire a van to take them all to various charity shops, I've set up a simple pop-up shop to try and help get rid of them, called... *drum roll* ...WYSIWYG Books.

The idea is pretty simple: the book in the photograph is, literally, the book you're buying. There are only single copies of each book available, so it's strictly first come first served.

All the transactions (including credit/debit card ones) are via PayPal, and all the prices include the cost of delivery.

So far, we're only delivering to the UK, but if you're outside of the UK and want to buy a book, get in touch for a revised price. And get in touch if you want to buy more than one book, and we'll sort out a better price for you.

So far, there's about fifty books listed, with many, many more to be added over the next couple of weeks. So, please, feel free to spread the word amongst your family and friends and have them visit!
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