[Not] At The Canny Comic Con

Over the weekend, The Canny Comic Con made it's debut, and, even though I was supposed to be there, I wasn't thanks to a bit of a git of a flu bug that took me down.

It was pretty gutting not being there, it being on my "home turf", as it were. I've often said that the north east could really do with an event like this to raise the profile of the burgeoning comic scene the north east has. Anyone who's familiar with the current scene in Newcastle will know about the "comic marts" and their ever decreasing size and quality (and anyone who isn't familiar, think of the memorabilia fair scene from The Wrestler), so something like the CCC was long overdue. I'm immensely disappointed I couldn't be part of it this year - and even more disappointed that I couldn't get the first Babble previews out there into the world.

Still, if you're interested, here's a sneaky peek of what  I would've had with me:

If there's any justice, The Canny Comic Con will be back next year, and I'll be there with bells on...
Well, maybe not bells, as such, but I'll be there come rain or shine.

UPDATE: Over at The Canny Comic Con blog, they've started to collect some links to con reports and photographs from the day - so go check it out!
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