"They're only comics!"

Anyone that knows me in "real life" knows that I'm not always the most patient of people when it comes to certain aspects of the crazy world we call comics. Looking at forums and blogs across the internets, there are times when I just want to throw my hands up and walk away from the whole thing out of sheer exasperation, but sometimes - just sometimes, mind - I want to break my golden rule about arguing on the Internets and remind people that they're only comics.

I think it's something that we all needed to be reminded of every now and again, so, for a bit of fun, I opened up a Spreadshirt shop and knocked up a t-shirt design for conventions:

And now I'm throwing the doors open to said shop and offering these up to anyone who wants one for the new year. So, if, by some slim miracle you do, head on over to:

And, yes, explicit versions are available, too...

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