The Lung In Question...

Back in July, comic fans heard the news that the legendary comics artist Carlos Ezquerra was suffering from lung cancer, so a bunch of them thought it would be pretty cool to send him something by way of a thank you for all the years of joy he's given down the years. Myself and Dunk Nimmo were invited to join in, but Dunk couldn't make it due to a deadline, and I...well, what do I say to the guy that co-created one of my two favourite comic characters of all time? I mean, there's not enough words in the world for that.

So, I floated the idea of dedicating Death To The Future to Carlos, but then Dunk came up with something even better:

If you want to see that panel in context, Death To The Future is still available in Zarjaz #10 and Dogbreath #23 - both of which are a mammoth 56 pages, and cost a mere £3.50 (plus postage). Both of them are available now from the FutureQuake Web Shop (along with the latest issues of FutureQuake and Something Wicked). You can also click the covers on the side of the page to be taken straight there.

But, from myself, Dunk and Bolt-01, get well soon, Carlos!


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