Some one-up manship...

Following on from Bryan Coyle's post about Nancy Drew fighting bears, I thought I'd one-up him with this:

Oh, yeah, Captain America punches out a sabre-tooth tiger.
And if that wasn't enough, Cap goes back to finish it off...

OK, so it was only Skrull-Cap, but come on! Stuff like that's the reason why people love comics in the first place!

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  1. Cap is clearly defending himself, but Nancy started a fight with a bear.

    Captain America travels the world on jetpacks to fight shape-changing aliens, giant genocidal cyborg heads, skull-faced nazis with televisions in their belly, and has personally punched Hitler in the face twice - while Nancy Drew wanders around a small midwest American town in nice frocks being nosy and trying to solve the mystery of the missing camera, making a successful bear-beating slightly more impressive than Cap's uppercutting a saber-toothed tiger (or as he calls it "Tuesday again already?").


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