The hardest, most frustrating thing about trying to make it as a writer has to be the rejections you get. You can always take some solace though from the type you get.

A lot of the time, you'll get standard letters, complete with photocopied signatures, and all the usual nonsense about the piece not being what they're looking for etc.

Other times, though, you get something far more positive, that actually takes you through what they feel is wrong with the piece, and praising what they think is good about it. These are, of course, the best types to get.

Why am I talking about this? Because I just got one from FutureQuake. I'm not bitter about it, though. I know, looking at the piece I submitted now, that it wasn't that good, and there's loads of room to improve it considerably, and I've taken the positive criticism about it onboard. So, I'm not jumping up and down calling them a bunch of twats. I'm thinking about my next submission to them.

Besides, I'm appearing in issue 6.


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