Playing With The Law...

Over the last few days, I've been sorting through some old CD-ROMs, and I stumbled across something interesting: a Judge Dredd card set I made to go with Reko Productions' Card Games Deluxe. The game was, as the name suggests, a collection of card games (Klondike (or Solitaire, if you prefer), Quatro, Memory and Free Cell), but what made the program unique was that you could actually make your own cards for use with any of the games included in it. This gave rise to a pretty vibrant community of people producing their own cards for the game, covering pretty much every subject you could imagine, from various celebrities to cartoons and films. You can still find an active archive of those cards here.

During my younger, more wasteful days, I actually made up a few card sets for the game, some of which were  2000AD related (and I think may still be floating around the net). Looking again at the Dredd set, I can honestly say there's some odd choices of image used for the card faces, but they do represent a snapshot of Dredd and his world from that time. And they were the images I had to hand at the time...

Anyway, I thought I'd offer them up for download to anyone that's interested (if I can find the others, I may well offer those up, too). To use them, you'll need Reko Productions Card Games Deluxe, which you can download from their website:

To get the Judge Dredd card set, click this link:

These cards are being offered "as is", and I have no plans to change them or convert them to a larger size for the newer version of the game. Instructions how to use them should be included in the main game. Also, once that link above is dead, it's going to stay dead.

It goes without saying that these cards are in no way affiliated with Rebellion, and if I'm asked to take them down, down they will come.

For now, though, enjoy!


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