"You cannot kill an idea..."

V For Vendetta finally opens here soon, and it's the first Alan Moore adaption I think they may actually get right. Admittedly, the fact that it's being billed as 'from the creators of The Matrix trilogy' is putting me off somewhat, but thankfully, their role in it all seems fairly small.

Anyway, the basic premise is that in an alternative future, Britain has become a fascist state, but the order of the government is upset by one man, called V, a freedom fighter, or terrorist, as he becomes labelled.

It's a science fiction film, so it won't be taken that seriously, but I think it does raise an interesting question: when does a freedom fighter become a terrorist? Is there a line they cross, or is it just when a government chooses to brand them? Is the term terrorist becoming the new way to describe anyone or any group a government doesn't like? Do you become a terrorist when you start turning other people to your views? Frankly that's a discussion that's too heavy to get into.

And besides, it's only a film.


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